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NC bill H. B. 109 - Adult Freedom of Choice - introduced February 14, 2013

OK, if you would like to ride or at least have the option of riding helmet-free in North Carolina, this is for you. H. B. 109 has been introduced in the NC House. Please respectfully contact NC legislators to voice your opinion of this.

See this post on Buncombe County CBA - the bill info is in red after the first paragraph. At the end is contact information for NC legislators.

A full copy of the bill is attached as a PDF.

North Carolina Helmet victory

Matt Danielson from Tom McGrath's Motorcycle Law Group reports a helmet law victory in Cherokee NC on Monday Dec. 4th. They represented a client wearing a helmet without a DOT label, and won their case against the State, with the court ruling that the State needs to articulate how the helmet does not comply with the standard. They also report they have two more cases pending in Carthage NC Superior Court.

If you are riding in NC and get a helmet ticket, first of all, don't volunteer to hand them your helmet, that is consenting to a search. Instead, state that you do not consent to a search.  Consult your lawyer for specific advice, or contact Matt, as he teaches seminars on your rights about this issue.

Elizabeth Sorrell is handling these helmet cases pro bono.

Contact Matt or Liz here:

McGrath & Danielson
Tom McGrath's Motorcycle Law Group

Helmet Law Facts

When mandatory helmet proponents talk about helmet safety and laws, they want to only talk about the number of deaths, not the number of deaths compared to the number of accidents. So when a state passes a mandatory helmet law, the numbers of deaths drop because so many people give up riding motorcycles because of the helmets, hence less accidents occur with fewer bikes on the road.  Then the mandatory helmet proponents claim that "helmet laws work"! Likewise, when a state repeals a helmet law, many more riders are on the road enjoying their bikes, and naturally with more riders there are more accidents and deaths.  But that doesn't mean that the repeal of the law made motorcycling more dangerous.

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Helmet article from Abate of Florida

As we begin a new year, I thought we'd re-visit the question some bikers are being asked consistently: Why do you ride without wearing a helmet?

I'm not going to try and tell you that not wearing a helmet while you ride offers the ultimate in safety. Wearing a helmet has its benefits. However, let's talk about some mostly unknown points, and bring them to light.

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