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Click on the links below to read some of Sputnik's writings. I never got to meet him and I wish I would have. He had a strong presence, anyone with a Mohawk haircut with "Free" tattooed across their forehead can't be all bad. You knew what he stood for right off the bat.. He will be missed.


From: New York Freedom Riders.

Loss of a Great Teacher

Sputnik of The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association, passed away suddenly at approximately 5:00 AM on June 24, 2010.  He was a powerful figure in the motorcycle rights arena and with people who had an interest in the fight.  

Sputnik spoke at many seminars across the country over the years and to hear him speak is hard to put into words.  You were moved, fascinated with the knowledge he had, and eager to do your best to fight for your rights.  The most treasured time seemed to be after his presentations- speaking to him one on one.  He always took the time to listen to your concerns and he gave you the tools you needed to conquer your issue whether big or small.  There was a way to make it right.  

Some consider him a leader; many know him as a great teacher.  He wasn't going to do the work for you but he would give you the knowledge to fight for your rights yourself.  The passion in his voice gave you the strength and desire to do it.   

His teachings are still here.  He was kind enough to compile what he had said to us in writings so we are able to pass on his knowledge to others.  His "Five Steps to Freedom" - http://www.tmra2.org/5steps.shtml and his "Revolution -the Real Solution." http://www.tmra2.org/images/REVOLUTIONtherealsolution.pdf are a couple of his known works and recommended for all to read.

Sputnik will be missed dearly and we thank him for the time he spent with us, for the knowledge he shared, and how to look at ourselves honestly. Now we must learn to take his passion and determination and show others how it's done.  Never stop fighting for your rights. Take your government back and make things right.  

We thank you great teacher.  

New York Freedom Riders.

P.S. - We have the Five Steps To Freedom, originally written by Sputnik, on abatesc.com, adapted for South Carolina by Fast Fred

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