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    Because you are a concerned biker, want to have your voice heard in government, care about your liberty, you want to make a difference, and YOU ARE MADDER THAN HELL AND DON'T WANT TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

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    Over the years, ABATE of SC has helped keep or add freedoms for South Carolina bikers. Read on for details..

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    ABATE of South Carolina, Inc. is the motorcyclists' rights organization of South Carolina. Our members brought freedom of choice to South Carolina bikers in June of 1980;

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An excellent article in the Detroit Free Press written by an ABATE member in Michigan. Please comment and politely educate the cagers that are ignorant.

"Our state's economy  is based on tourism, and this law discourages out-of-state riders from traveling to this great state.

Our outdated helmet law is a barrier to motorcycle tourism. At the same time, the current law does nothing to reduce motorcycle injuries and fatalities. Michigan is the only Great Lakes state with a mandatory helmet law. Surveys repeatedly show that an overwhelming majority of motorcyclists in neighboring states refuse to visit Michigan because of this law."

full article is here:

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