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The Road Blocks are coming says an official at the Governors Office of Highway Safety.

Even though they claim “It’s not our Rodeo” they know more than they are saying. We were informed that a Public Service statement from the Georgia Department of Public Safety [GSP] would be coming soon. (nothing as of this posting 5:00pm 3/1). The GOHS continues to insist that the State Of Georgia has the right to stop any class of vehicle they see fit to stop for the purpose of a safety inspection. This smells like, walks like and talks like discrimination and harassment therefore it must be, despite the GOHS' claims to the opposite. In fact it really seems to be another fund raising effort using bikers.

   The spokesperson at GOHS says that raising revenue is a myth to which Dan Forrest replied “if you issue warnings only and NOT citations then yes it would be myth.” Profiling seems to also fit as the descriptive term to use for this type of Police action as it is defined as: “A Law enforcement investigative technique that develops a behavioural pattern of an offender who has NOT yet been caught.” The use of Alcohol while operating a motorcycle appears to be high on the priority list of infringements they will be looking for. There seems to be some confusion at this time as to the Georgia Helmet Law and how it will be enforced. In a letter from Harris Blackwood he made reference to GA DPS Code 570-13-.01 Scope , Purpose and Requirements (see our previous post on this matter), but we were told by the same state representative that Georgia would defer to the Federal Helmet requirements. <span>Bottom Line wear a DOT HELMET.</span>  At our meeting with the GOHS, A.B.A.T.E. of Georgia was asked what our plans were and the reply was “that would be determined by the actions of Georgia Law Enforcement.”

If you are reading this, we ask that you keep calling and e-mailing the Governor's office or you may wish to contact the Department of Public Safety  Commissioners Office at the number found on their website 404-624 7000.

Webster's tells us that Discrimination is defined as:

a : the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually

b : prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment

And harassment is defined as:

to annoy persistently : to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct

Either of these remind you of the State's treatment of riders in this case???

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