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Original post on Facebook is here

by Abate Georgia on Friday, March 4, 2011 at 12:59pm

Brothers and Sisters on two wheels it is time to walk your talk and TAKE ACTION! We need your help. It is critical to show both State and Federal Officials that we are united. The motorcycle community must stand together to fight the discriminatory practice of Motorcycle Only Checkpoints and we need to take action now!

Background:  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provided a Motorcycle Law Enforcement Demonstrations Grant (DTNH22-10-R-00386) Georgia was the only state to receive a grant in the amount of $70,000 from the NHTSA program to create Motorcycle Only Checkpoints (MOCs.) The grant will be used to conduct roadside motorcycle only checks.

Where:  March 9th  8 am- 5 p.m.  I-75 at the Southbound Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station in Monroe County        Southbound Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station along I-95 in Chatham County, north of Savannah.>

 Talking Points:>

  1. The MOC's violate our constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment.

  2. The $70,000 to be spent on MOC's would be better spent on motorcycle safety awareness and education programs.

  3. The MOC's will not have any effect on reducing crashes and fatalities of motorcyclists.

What Can you Do?

  1. >The AMA posted an Action Alert that will generate letters to your US Congressional Representative urging them to support legislation banning the Secretary of Transportation from providing grants or any funds to states or local governments to be used for any program to create motorcycle-only checkpoints (MOCs).

  2. H.R. 904  http://capwiz.com/amacycle/issues/alert/?alertid=32550501&queueid=%5Bcapwiz%3Aqueue_id]

  3. Download  and send  a letter to Governor Deal  asking him to discontinue the stops  by clicking here http://abatega.org/LA%20downloads/letter%20to%20Governor.doc
  4. Check the Abate Alert on how to report a checkpoint if you see one: 


  1. Forward this email to everyone on your contact lists and urge them to take action as well!

All together we can make a difference. We are not alone. Motorcyclists and concerned citizens from around the country are standing with us and taking action.

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