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Be sure to congratulate Ralph, Chad and Reb for the recognition of their hard work for you, the members of ABATE of SC and other motorcyclists in South Carolina!

The South Carolina Biker Hall Of Fame Class of 2017 Inducted on Saturday February 25, 2017. Reb Richardson - Ridgeway SC, Chad Fuller - Gilbert, SC, Leeanne Keeney - Myrtle Beach SC, JC Childers - Myrtle Beach, SC and Ralph Bell Jr. - Columbia, SC.

"On behalf of the South Carolina Biker Hall of Fame, Congratulations on your up-coming 2017 Induction into the South Carolina Biker Hall of Fame. Your hard work in helping Bikers and preserving the Biker Lifestyle is most gratefully appreciated. The SCBHOF was formed in 2014 and is dedicated to honoring the Men and Women in the great State of South Carolina who have dedicated much of their lives to Riding Motorcycles, have made a long term positive impact on the South Carolina Biker Community, and lived the Biker Lifestyle."


From the ABATE of SC Press Release on February 10, 2017:

We are pleased to announce that three members of ABATE of South Carolina are being inducted into the South Carolina Biker Hall of Fame at 8:00 p.m. on February 25, 2017 at Suck Bang Blow located at 3393 Highway 17 in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. The South Carolina Biker Hall of Fame was created in 2014 and is dedicated to the Men and Women in the great state of South Carolina who have dedicated much of their lives to riding motorcycles, have made a long term positive impact on the South Carolina biker community and have lived the biker lifestyle.

Chad Fuller who heads the South Carolina office of the Tom McGrath Law Firm also currently serves as the ABATE Public relations officer. Chad has not only been a legal asset during his many years as a member but was the driving force behind the passage of the “Equal Access” law that was passed. This law not only allows motorcycles to park in all public funded parking garages but also made it illegal for the South Carolina Department of Transportation to discriminate against motorcycles in any of their street and highway designs. This bill was signed into law by Governor Haley in 2014.

Reb Richardson has been a long time member of the Sumter chapter and although he has never held a state office he has been a driving force behind the scenes. After being stuck at a red light because the sensor did not pick up his motorcycle, he worked with members of ABATE to get the Red Light Bill passed. This bill allows motorcycles to turn left on a red light after two minutes. This bill was signed into law by Governor Sanford in 2008.

Ralph Bell has held many positions in ABATE and is currently the State Coordinator. He has always said any accomplishments that he has made has been done with the help and on behalf of the thousands of members of ABATE. His position as State Coordinator has allowed him to be part of one of the largest motorcycle rights organizations in the United States. One of his biggest accomplishments was to be a plaintiff and be part of the overturning of the Myrtle Beach helmet ordinance. Something that without the help of hundreds of bikers and Tom McGrath motorcycle law firm our state would not have been able to accomplish.

This is an honor to have our members recognized. This is not the first nor the last as our organization has been fortunate to have many leaders in the fight for motorcycle rights since its inception by our founder Jesse McDugald back in the late 1970’s.

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