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For Immediate Release

March 20, 2018

Motorcycle Riders Foundation Releases Statement on Fatality 
Involving Self-Driving Car 

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation released the following statement regarding the incident in Arizona where a woman was struck and killed by an Uber SUV that was in autonomous mode:

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation was disturbed and disheartened to hear the news of the tragedy in Arizona. It is incidents like these that must make regulators and policymakers ensure that before automated vehicles are ubiquitous on our nation’s highways, a strong federal law must contain protections for all roadway users including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.  Though we continue to remain optimistic that fully autonomous vehicles can help to reduce human errors that cause 94% of crashes, we continue to insist that the technology must be highly regulated and fully vetted with certifiable safety testing and evaluation.


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For interviews, contact:
Megan Ekstrom, Vice President, Government Affairs & Public Relations
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About Motorcycle Riders Foundation
The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) provides leadership at the federal level for states’ motorcyclists’ rights organizations as well as motorcycle clubs and individual riders. The MRF is chiefly concerned with issues at the national and international levels that impact the freedom and safety of American street motorcyclists. The MRF is committed to being a national advocate for the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle and works in conjunction with its partners to help educate elected officials and policymakers in Washington and beyond.

All Information contained in this release is copyrighted. Reproduction permitted with attribution. Motorcycle Riders Foundation. All rights reserved. Ride With The Leaders ™ by joining the MRF at http://mrf.org/ or call (202) 546-0983.

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