Senate passed bill H3695 - The High Mileage Bill! - Update

Senate passed bill H3695 - The High Mileage Bill! - Update

I am pleased to announce at 3:00 pm today 3/10/2020 that the High milage bill 3695 just received 3rd reading and now is headed to the governor's desk to be signed into law. - Bill Fuller

On March 4, 2020 @ 4:45PM the South Carolina Senate unanimously passed House Bill H3695 providing a high mileage tax deduction for motorcycles. Many thanks to the SC State Representatives and Senators that supported this legislation. Third reading is scheduled for 4/10/202, then headed to the Governors desk.

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SC DPS Interactive Map - Fatal Accidents in SC

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has published an interactive map showing fatal accident locations going back to the beginning of 2018. You can take a look here -> SCDPS Traffic Fatalities


High Mileage Bill - March 05, 2020

From the desk of Bill Fuller

H3695 (The high mileage bill) was taken up on the Senate floor Wed. and passed unanimously. Today every senator received a personal handwritten note thanking them for supporting this bill. A big thanks to the Motorcycle Law Group for allowing me to recruit Britt Metz and Mckenzie Kirkland to handwrite the notes on American Flag stationary. Also thanks to Del  Ahlstedt for giving me a hand-delivering the notes on short notice. We should get the customary 3rd reading on Tuesday then off to be signed into law.

Bill Fuller

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