Call to action on the “Hands-Free Act”

S723 is NOT DEAD!  There has been a misunderstanding regarding the post claiming that the bill has been killed by trial lawyers. (I, unfortunately, was not able to attend this meeting) This is what senate staff has conveyed to me today as to what happened at the committee meeting. A certain senator asked if he moved his phone from a cup holder to the dash, would he be breaking the law. The short answer is yes. This led to a line of questioning that was detrimental to the bill by the minority. (Keep in mind that not all of the bill's supporting committee members were in attendance, but a quorum was present)  In a move to stop a committee vote that surely would kill the bill, The chair decided that it would be better to “carry the bill forward” meaning that a vote would not be taken at this time. I am told that it should be back up for committee debate in a few weeks. What can you do? Contact the senate transportation committee members and voice your opinion!......  

Bill Fuller

Senate Transportation Committee

Lawrence K. "Larry" Grooms, Chairman

Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr.

Luke A. Rankin

Daniel B. "Danny" Verdin, III

Gerald Malloy

George E. "Chip" Campsen, III

Harvey S. Peeler, Jr.

Paul G. Campbell, Jr.

Sean M. Bennett

Greg Hembree

J. Thomas McElveen, III

Kevin L. Johnson

Marlon E. Kimpson

Ronnie A. Sabb

Margie Bright Matthews

Wes Climer

Mia S. McLeod

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