Motorcycle Rider Training

South Carolina Rider Education Program
Rider training for South Carolina Bikers and those who want to ride.


Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Find motorcycle training courses in your state or learn more about the training courses.


Motorcycle Rights Information Services and Sources

Biker Republic
The Biker Republic has formed to fight the overbearing government intrusion into our lives. Our primary is the fight for biker rights. These two fights are intertwined and cannot be compromised.


FastFred's Motorcycle Rights Ezine
This ezine feature articles and photos on motorcycle issues both legislative and judicial, trips, product reviews, conventions, rallies, and parties.


SCMRASouth Carolina Motorcycle Rights Association
The South Carolina Motorcycle Rights Association is a grassroots State Motorcycle Rights Organization. We are concerned citizens working together for a common goal. The protection of our liberties as Americans. We will actively lobby against legislation our membership feels denies, or further restricts, motorcyclists' rights and freedoms. We will actively lobby to restore those personal freedoms that have been denied us by law.


National Motorcycle Rights Organizations

AIM - Aid to Injured Motorcyclists / NCOM - National Coalition of Motorcyclists
AIM is a nationwide group of attorneys representing injured motorcyclists.

American Motorcyclist Association
A 250,000-member-plus organization with an unparalleled history of pursuing, protecting and promoting the interests of the worlds largest and most dedicated group of motorcycle enthusiasts.


BOLT - Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance
BOLT stands for Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance. Our focus is primarily legislative action, through direct contact with legislative representatives, or through the judicial system where direct challenge to unjust laws will garner legislative attention.


MRF - Motorcycle Riders Foundation
MRF will continue developing an aggressive, independent national advocate for the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle which is financially stable and exceeds the needs of motorcycling enthusiasts.

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State Motorcyclists Rights Organizations

A.B.A.T.E of AR
Arkansas Bikers Aiming Towards Education We are a nonprofit organization that promotes, practices and teaches motorcycle safety while actively lobbying our elected officials on all levels. We provide many different things to our membership throughout the year, entertainment and community service projects along with numerous rides and runs all over our fine state of Arkansas.

A.B.A.T.E of South Dakota.
A.B.A.T.E. of South Dakota was organized and incorporated on August 8, 1983. We are committed to serving the motorcycling public

A.B.A.T.E. of New York, Monroe County Chapter
American Bikers Aimed Towards Education - Motorcycle Rights Organization

A.B.A.T.E. of Pennsylvania
ABATE of PA's Information Site for ABATE Members, biker activists, freedom fighters & the motorcycle community

ABATE of Alaska, Inc. - Alaska Bikers Advocating Training and Education
The ABATE of Alaska web site is the place for the politically active and aware motorcyclist to stay abreast of todays issues. We have information about threats to your personal freedoms as a biker, as well as events, newsletters, and feedback forums for you to voice your opinion on todays issues.

ABATE of California
ABATE of California is a motorcyclists' rights organization dedicated to preserving individual freedom and promoting safety. We fully support rider training, safety and educational programs. Our members also raise funds for the less fortunate, through charity runs and benefits.

ABATE of Colorado - A Brotherhood Active Towards Education
ABATE of Colorado is a non-profit educational, charitable, and safety oriented motorcyclist rights organization. The purpose of ABATE is to preserve freedom of the road, to unite motorcyclists in a brotherhood to promote fair legislation, safety, and rider education. Also to provide a network for communication on issues affecting motorcyclists. ABATE proudly includes several members of the Colorado State Legislature in its membership.

ABATE of Delaware
ABATE is a motorcyclists' rights organization, dedicated to maintaining your right to ride without undue government interference. We are not an anti-helmet organization. Many of our members choose to wear a helmet every time they ride - the operative word being choose.

ABATE of Illinois!
ABATE of Illinois: A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education is a motorcycle Legislative, Safety and Education Organization for all Illinois on and off highway motorcyclists protecting the right to ride

ABATE of Indiana
ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) of Indiana is a not-for-profit, safety, educational, charitable and advocacy motorcyclist organization. It's aims are to promote safety, protect rights and help others.

ABATE of Iowa: A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education is a motorcycle Legislative, Safety and Education Organization for all Iowa on and off highway motorcyclists protecting the right to ride

ABATE of Louisiana
A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana is a Louisiana based Motorcyclist rights organizaton. ABATE of Louisiana works with other local, state and National motorcyclist rights organizations to insure motorcyclists interests and views are represented in Baton Rouge and Washington DC

ABATE of Maryland
ABATE (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments) of Maryland is the largest association of motorcycle riders in Maryland, whose members have joined together to advocate training as the foremost means to reducing accidents and injury, to put an end to discriminatory legislation, to communicate via a bi-monthly newsletter, to explore ways to improve the overall motorcycling experience in Maryland, and to provide for and assure a continuing freedom and affordability of motorcycling.

ABATE of Mississippi Home Page
ABATE is dedicated to preserving and restoring freedom of the road. We fight to repeal the helmet law and improve the image of bikers.

ABATE of New York - American Bikers Aimed Toward Education
A legislative motorcycle organization with goals of motorcycle awareness, safety, and education. We watch motorcycle legislation and take action when we want to push it through or prevent it. We have events, meetings, we write letters, and we ride our motorcycles.

ABATE of New York - Wayne County
Wayne County ABATE is part of ABATE of New York, Inc. We are a motorcycle corporation, not a club. ABATE promotes motorcycle safety, awareness, and education. We are a group of people who share the interest of motorcycling. We do not discriminate, all brands of motorcycles are accepted as are all people.

ABATE of Ohio, Inc.
A place for the politically active and aware motorcyclist to stay abreast of todays issues. We have information about threats to your personal freedoms as a biker, as well as events, newsletters, and feedback forums for you to voice your opinion on todays issues. Our site also features free classified ads, chat rooms, free email, an ABATE products catalog, US Motorcycle Laws, and email bulletins to assist you in staying informed about the issues affecting your Right to Ride

An online resource for motorcycle riders living in or planning to visit Virginia. Here you will find ABATE of VA information, news, articles, shopping, classified ads, web links, and more related to motorcycles, bikers rights, and riding in Virginia, and around the United States.

ABATE of Washington
A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments: a non-profit organization dedicated to the Freedom of Choice. Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting freedom of the roads, whether you ride a motorcycle or not. Ensure your freedom by fighting anti-bike legislation and promoting fair motorcycle legislation.

ABATE of Wisconsin
The Legislative Committee monitors and lobbies the State and Federal government legislatures with the intent of stopping adverse legislation and promoting legislation beneficial to motorcyclists.

The official website of Concerned Motorcyclists of Tennessee/ABATE. We are YOUR motorcycle rights organization and protect your Right to Ride from those who would take it from you.

Concerned Bikers Association/A.B.A.T.E. of North Carolina, Inc.
As North Carolina's Motorcyclists Rights Organization, CBA/ABATE of NC encourages all motorcyclists to become politically aware, to become involved in the legislative process by registering to vote, actively corresponding with their legislators on important issues and volunteering to assist individuals running for elective office who support their views and concerns.

Delaware Valley Abate
A.B.A.T.E. of Pennsylvania is a non-profit, motorcycle-rights organization dedicated to preserving freedom of choice and freedom of the road with an emphasis on education and safety.

VCOMVirginia Coalition of Motorcyclists
The political action committee founded by Tom McGrath in 192, VCOM is the only state-based alliance of bikers in Virginia dedicated to defending and promoting all the issues that concern you as a motorcyclist on and off the road - personal liberty, safety, freedom of expression, political recognition, and respect.

Texas Motorcycle Rights Association
Bikers educating Bikers on the Legislative Process

A.B.A.T.E of Nebraska / Dist. 12
A.B.A.T.E of Nebraska / District 12, is non profit organzation consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the State of Nebraska. Our goals and purposes are to keep motorcyclists, members, and the public informed, to promote safe riding habits, and to encourage favorable legislation for motorcyclists.

A.B.A.T.E. of Kansas, Inc.
ABATE is a motorcycle organization composed of motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the country. Putting motorcycle legislation in its proper perspective is our main concern. This is accomplished through safety education programs, public awareness programs and other proposals designed to prevent fatal or injury accidents.

ABATE of Colorado, District 8
A non-profit Motorcyclist Rights organization with nationwide membership, preserving freedom of the road and promoting motorcycle safety and education. Includes events and issues for District 8 Abate

ABATE of Georgia
American Bikers Active Toward Education of Georgia, Inc.

ABATE of Michigan
ABATE of Michigan is a freedom of choice organization. Believing that the rider is best able to decide the type of motorcycle to ride, and the type and extent of safety gear worn. Our primary objective is to monitor motorcycle related legislation and encourage all members to become politically involved.

ABATE of Minnesota Inc. American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education
Minnesotas motorcyclist rights organizaton. Insure your freedom by fighting anti-bike legislation and promoting fair motorcycle legislation. Does not advocate that you ride without a helmet, only that you have the right to decide.

Working to repeal the mandatory helmet law.

ABATE of NY Eastern Suffolk Chapter
American Bikers Aimed Toward Education

ABATE of Wyoming - Cheyenne Chapter
Cheyenne, Wyoming, Motorcycle Rights Organization

ABATE of Wyoming
ABATE of Wyoming is the clearing house for Wyoming events, MRO information and general information about motorcycle riding in the great State of Wyoming

ABATE / CMRO - A motorcyle right organization serving the needs of Ohio motorcycle riders on legislative and motorcycle safety issues

Our legislative affairs representative, Bonnie Ecker, joins hands with Washington State ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Towards Education), the Washington Road Riders Legislative Task Force, and the Washington Road Riders Association.

BikePAC of Oregon
A Political Action Committee that represents motorcycling clubs, touring groups, businesses, vintage groups and riders, off-road and racers.

CMT/ABATE - Wheels of Thunder - Memphis, TN
CMT/ABATE Inc. is not a Biker Club but a grass root, political organization that was formed to preserve freedom and safety for all Tennesseans who enjoy motorcycling. Our major goals are to modify existing laws that are detrimental to motorcycle safety and enjoyment, and to enact new legislation in support of all motorcyclists in the state of Tennessee.

Cowlitz County ABATE
The main purpose of this organization is to guard the rights of all motorcyclists; to keep them informed of laws that will help or hinder them as motorcyclists; to promote safety, brotherhood and freedom for all motorcyclists.

Freedom of Road Riders, Inc.
Missouri's largest Motorcycle Rights Organization

HoundsTooth Abate
In January of 1995, the Roaddogs started the Houndstooth Chapter of ABATE of Montana. We hold our meetings the 3rd Sunday of each month in Billings at 6:00 pm 3rd Sunday of the month, at The New 17 Club,1123 First Ave N. Billings, Mt

Kanawha Valley Chapter ABATE of West Virginia
The Kanawha Valley Chapter's membership resides Along the Great Kanawha River, in and around Charleston, the State Capitol. The surrounding area boasts as many as twentysix clubs involved in Bikers Rights, and Co-existing peacably.

KMA/KBA Home Page
We are dedicated to preserving the heritage and freedoms of this country, helping to advance the cause of motorcycling in our communities and to ensure safety for riders through training and education of both the riding and non-riding public.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Association
MMA - Massachusetts Motorcycle Association - Motorcyclists Rights Organization - Formerly The Modified Motorcycle Association

Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona
MMA is a Motorcyclists Rights Organization (MRO) comprised of motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts who are concerned with the future, safety, and welfare of motorcycling. We are a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to improving the social atmosphere which surrounds motorcyclists, and protecting the individual freedoms of America's citizens.

Modified Motorcycle Association of California
The Modified Motorcycle Association is a non-profit corporation, founded and established in March 1973, for the concerned motorcyclist with the goals and objectives of making the sport of motorcycling safer, and protecting the interest of its members.

In support of NHMRO's purpose we welcome any and all motorcyclists as part of the organization so that they may help us in protecting the rights of ALL motorcyclists regardless of their preference in motorcycles, life styles, or where, when and how they enjoy riding.

Olde Dominion Chapter of Virginia ABATE
We exist to protect YOUR right to ride. Located in Northern Virginia, we are very politically active and have a great time to boot. Come check out why YOU should do all you can to protect YOUR rights to ride!

Street Bikers United - Oahu Chapter
Works on behalf of all motorcyclists in the state of Hawaii, promoting motorcycle safety and protecting motorcyclists from legislation that may negatively affect the right to ride free.

Street Bikers United of Maui
an organization that works diligently to prevent anti-biker legislation in Hawaii.

Texas Motorcycle Rights Association Two

United A.B.A.T.E. of New Jersey
We sponsor positive legislative work and we fight against any anti-motorcyclist legislation as it gets started. In both Trenton and Washington, we watch and safeguard all things pertaining to you and your ride.

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